Congrats... You're Almost A Man Again

A Few Words

Welcome to your new life as a rough and tough warrior who does what needs done to have his hand raised high in victory...your kids adore you, your parents have never been so proud, your wife now remembers why she married you...and your neighbors want to be you. You still have are a savage beast who can not be stopped. You are a wrestler once again.

The Bald and Fat Classic is not just a “wrestling tournament”, it’s a way of life. Simply put, it’s a chance for you to better yourself and better your community. The B&FC is a National tournament for guys like us who just want to get back on the mat after a long time off. It’s for guys who love the sport of wrestling and everything it teaches. It gets us off the couch and reminds us of the sights, sounds and smells from our past. Most of all it’s a fundraiser for youth wrestling designed specifically to be a fun and rewarding day of friendly competition for the whole wrestling community to participate in.

This competition is fun and competitive with 5 different divisions to choose from and the chance to participate in a team wrestling competition with your high school crew for the first time since you lost in the consi semi-finals at Districts back in 79’ ...or was it 87’...or maybe 99’. The tournament is run by the host school, officiated by the host schools most experienced Varsity wrestlers and most importantly the host school will raise much needed funds for their program in this day and age when all schools are cutting back spending on all sports, especially the greatest sport of all time.

For more details on tournament rules/regulations, tournament locations, how to host a tournament or simply just to get a nice dose of everything that’s cool about wrestling, check out the rest of the site! Hopefully I will see you on the mat this season, unless of course you’re ok with showing us all that you have no heart, determination or wrestling skills...I’m sure your wife and kids won’t be ashamed of you for being a sally. Really, its ok. Don’t sweat it...there’s always bowling, golf and tennis. Those guys look tough sometimes too.

Get training gentlemen...the sooner the better, and do us all a favor and stretch out first, nothing worse than pulling a muscle 3 weeks before the big day.

Joe Musti
Director of Bald and Fat Wrestling

Why Bald & Fat Classic??

The B&FC is one of the greatest events in wrestling history for many reasons. The B&FC serves the following purposes:

  • Raises invaluable funds needed to support and promote youth wrestling
  • Allows wrestlers of all ages and skill levels to compete when their competing days were over
  • Promotes the great sport of wrestling and creates “buzz” about the sport
  • Brings the local wrestling community together
  • Reunites old friends and foes on the mat and in the gym
  • Allows youth wrestlers to give back to their program by helping run the tournament
  • Gives Dads, Uncles, Brothers, Grandfathers, Coaches a reason to get healthy, get in shape and get back on the mat
  • Gives our youth wrestlers the chance to see their older friends and family in action
  • Provides much entertainment, comraderie and a few hard laughs
  • Drives women wild

Pounds Lost


Funds Raised


Lives Changed


Awesome event, I’m sure you been hearing a lot of that! Your event was much better than any open MAWA event I have been to....awesome, you should make more tourny’s and tour around the area!

Harry R

Seriously, Thanks to you and everyone that helped. Everything went really well both days and I personally had a great time wrestling and reconnecting with some old friends I have not seen in years.

Josh S

Congrats on a great event! I had a blast, really....great job!

Don C

Once again, great job with the tournament. Talking with the few guys we had there we would definitely be in for some sort of "social" afterwards. I know there were a bunch of us from the LL League that went to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards. We all had a blast and so did our families!

John A