Tournament Rules & Format

First of all, to run a world class event like the B&FC...there needs to be some structure. We have 5 different divisions to choose from that meet all your wrestling needs.

Tournament Divisions

Past My Prime: (25 yrs - 35 yrs. old)

These bed wetters are still a little unsure of themselves...and it shows on the mat. Those 5 to 15 years of partying, birthing and digesting potato chips have completely demolished nearly any evidence of their former athleticism. Typically they come looking for one last fairly competitive match before they cave and just get married and settle down.

Dead: (36 yrs - 45 yrs old)

Propecia, Viagra and a gym membership are just a few of the things these old school wrestlers need to keep their minds from reliving the “glory days”. It’s been so long for most of them they have simply forgotten how tough they used to be. This wrestler is usually looking to wipe away the stench of their golf spikes, show the Mrs. who is still the boss and give the kiddos a chance to see his patented “shazam double single takedown” in action...I’m sure it will blow their minds!

Fully Decomposed: (46 yrs - ??)

These guys have one foot in the grave and just don’t care...”What the hell, it’ll be fun for the grandkids”. Typically they come to win one last match before their final match with father time and the Grim Reeper. It’s a big ball of fun to watch these guys go at it alright...until someone starts losing in front of the grandkids! That’s when things really get interesting. Grandpa still got it.

Tommy Toughnuts: (19 yrs and up)

This group of psychos includes all ages, because Crazy don’t discriminate. If you are looking for an all out brawl, want to prove that you have balls of steel and you simply can’t wait to keep wrestling through OT with plugs in both noses because you’re begging for stop you, then this is your bracket. Have at it tough guy...the Medic is that way -->

Joan of Arc: (Women)

Modern day female warriors now have an outlet... and a place to do battle! Whether you have been competing regularly, you wrestled in a past life or maybe you're just a super excited wrestling Mom who's been waiting for her day to shine on the mat! Get registered and get training...weight classes and age divisions will be decided based on number of participants registered!

Team Duals:

The Golden Cup

This competition is for the most coveted trophy in all of sports, The Golden Cup. The Golden Cup is the Ultimate trophy that can be passed from generation to generation and serve as the perfect centerpiece for those family gatherings. Teams can be formed with up to 10 wrestlers. Each team member must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have wrestled for the school/club
  • Must have coached for the school/club
  • Must have a son, daughter or grandchild currently wrestling for that school/club

Wrestlers on a team may not be be in the same competing bracket but may be in the same division but different weight classes, or the same weight class but in different divisions. The team that racks up the most points wins. Depending on the amount of teams at the competition, awards may be given to the second and third place team. This team aspect to the tournament makes for a fun filled day for all.

Thanks for organizing this event even if you beat me. My wife was impressed with your headband!

Drew R

Great tournament, had a lot of fun! Sore as hell today though...but it was worth! I just wanted my Dad to see my hand raised one more time and I did it....I will get more wrestlers for next year!

Todd S