So you want to host an awesome wrestling event and raise some funds for your program?

Hosting a B&FC tournament is easy...

B&FC Tournaments are held all over the country and preferably in strategic locations where there is a heavy interest in the sport of wrestling. Locations must not be within a 2 hour drive of an existing qualifying tournament. Check out the “Locations” link on the Home Page to find the one closest to you. If your area does not conflict with another B&FC event, we would be happy to help you promote the tournament and in turn help your program become known as a local leader in wrestling.

The B&FC handles all registration and correspondence with the athletes prior to the event. We also help promote the event in your local area by drafting the registration forms for you and uploading them to your most popular local tournament website. We also provide you with the awards and the apparel to sell during the event. All you have to do is handle the weigh in process, check in table and run a fantastic tournament! Your club will also be responsible for distributing the awards (our custom made super cool B&FC medals and the coveted “Golden Cup”), handling the gate, the apparel sales and concessions or snack bar.

What’s in it for your club?
Well...alot. Here is the breakdown:

  • For every wrestler registered your club will earn $12.00-$15.00
  • Gate fees are $8.00 adults and $4.00 students, which are yours to keep
  • You won’t incur any costs for awards or trophies, we supply them
  • You won’t incur any official fees, your experienced Varsity/JH wrestlers will officiate (aside from the Tommy Toughnuts division)
  • All proceeds from the snack bar are yours to keep
  • Each custom T-shirt sold will earn your club $3.00 (they sell themselves)
  • Walk-ins paying Cash earn you an extra $3 each for your club

The average B&FC raises between $3000 and $6000 for the host school based on a tournament with a range of 75 - 150 competitors. Most host schools will see about this many participants their first year. but by the second year this number may double or triple once the word gets out. Our 1st Annual B&FC had 93 wrestlers and our second year almost tripled to 237!

If you would like more information on how to become a B&FC tournament host, feel free to contact us anytime! Start earning funds for your wrestling program this year with a fun wrestling event that brings the local wrestling community together...

It was the most wonderful day and I HATE wrestling but I actually liked it more yesterday! I can't take when the boys cry and the mean dads yell at them. It was so cool. Look out next year because this is going to grow!

Jackie V

Joe that was over the top. Thank you again for the opportunity, what a well run tournament and alot of fun. I told the Doc about yesterday he asked if the MS was effecting my brain for wrestling I said it was worth it. Next year God willing I'll wrestle at 200 where i belong. Thanks again for giving me a shout out my wife was tickled and me too. Proud as hell to be a part of B&FC! My goal was to get past the first period I made it all the way. Peace to you Joe, your a good man to make so many happy! Keep it going please and please let me know what I can do to help.

Bob B